Bed Bugs

Eradication of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are flat round insects that in the adult stage can reach up to 6mm across, they are brown and turn a much darker brown after a feed. They are common throughout the world and so unwittingly bringing them home after a holiday or an overnight stay in a hotel is a regular occurrence. Indeed, there have been reports of bed bugs infesting public transport and passengers have picked them up on clothes and bags. Once you have them it will quickly become obvious and acting quickly will save you money and upset. The bed bug survey focuses on the bed, associated furniture and the area close to the bed itself as they produce black spots (blood) after a feed and these can be found close to the harbourage as they try to shrink and flatten their bodies to squeeze back inside the cracks and crevices where they live.

Female bed bugs lay up to 200 eggs in small batches. Once hatched the nymphs closely resemble adults and if the temperature is right and there is a good food supply in a few weeks they are fully grown. They feed on the blood of mammals, mainly humans but cats and dogs can be targeted. Feeding will happen at night and will be over quickly. Once you wake in the morning you will notice bites that are usually on your upper torso as the bugs detect your presence from body heat and your breathing.

Treatment is comprehensive and so is not a DIY job. The bugs have been known to move away from insecticide and so treating rooms either side is sometimes necessary and if you are thinking about starving them to death you will be in for a long wait as they can survive for a year without feeding.

If you are suffering from a case of bed bugs, do not despair. Call the professionals at Cambridge Pest Services today.

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