Tackling Insect Problems Across Cambridge and Beyond

Controlling rapidly growing insect infestations can be a challenging task. Cambridge Pest Services provide a range of insect control solutions for flies, bed bugs, moths, cockroaches, fleas, ants and most other crawling insects across Cambridge, Huntingdon, St Ives, Peterborough and throughout the county.

Insects in the Home

Biting insects feed on humans and animals. They will bite to feed on blood from the vessels close to the surface of the skin and find their food sources by using their senses such as smell and awareness of body heat. In particular, cats and dogs will bring fleas into the house where they become a pest because they will bite humans in the search for a suitable host. Fleas can breed in carpets and sometimes in areas where there is a build up of waste materials, behind skirting boards and between floorboards for instance. They can be controlled quickly and effectively and the earlier they are treated the better.

Insects and Your Business

Insects such as flies and cockroaches can be a particular problem for cafes, restaurants, hotels, care homes, takeaways and other organisations with food preparation areas that need to ensure food is prepared hygienically. Meanwhile, other insects such as bed bugs can easily be spread via clothing and luggage arriving unexpectedly in guest accommodation at hotels, guest houses and other residences where they become a menace to guests. Our service contracts for commercial clients in Cambridgeshire involve regular scheduled visits and pest prevention techniques that will help to protect the reputation of your business, keep your customers safe and ultimately save you money. 

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Friendly, speedy response time. Flexible working hours around our busy schedule. Great service, multiple ways and ideas to solve the pest problems. Had regular follow up appointments which was good. Would definitely recommend and use them again if needed.
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