Welcome to Cambridge Pest Services

Thank you for visiting our website. The world of pest control can be complex and frustrating and so trawling the internet looking for answers to a problem is common. I hope that the website and this blog will help to inform and also give an insight into the world of the professional pest controller.

Cambridge Pest Services is fully accredited and insured with many years of practical experience dealing with pests with any number of legs and wings. We’ve been stung, bitten, battered and bruised so that you, the customer can remain free of pests and all the problems they bring with them.

The most common pests throughout the year are mice and the most important thing to know about these  pests is that they are incontinent, that means that if you have mice in your home or business then you will need to regularly clean surfaces that you are going to touch or eat from because the poo is easy to recognise (it looks like grains of black rice) but the urine is impossible to see. Whilst we are on the subject mice average about 80 droppings per day, that’s one of the factors we use to establish the size of the problem and this is important because they can carry Salmonella poisoning.

The female mouse can have up to 8 litters per year with up to 16 baby mice in each litter, thats 128 mice from 1 female per annum, they don’t have to drink and can survive on 3 grams of food a day. Its not all bad news though, if you contact us we solve your mouse problems with minimum fuss at a fair price.

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